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Your offshore partner for all of your manufacturing needs.

US Sales Office:



                                                        69 Power Drive

                                                 Mankato, MN 56001

                                               Phone: 507.345.7714


At Bobbintron, we specialize in working with quality manufacturers in Taiwan and China to provide a variety of capabilities. Through these FOEs we are able to meet customer manufacturing needs from concept to production. Click the link below to see some of our capabilities.

25+ years of experience in design, procurement and management of manufacturing firms in

Taiwan and China.

Provide source control drawings and complete documentation on all parts and projects.

We work toward an FOE (Firm of Endearment) relationship with both our customers and the factories.

In house design engineers and ProE wildfire

5.0 3D software.

24 hour response on RFQ’s, samples, shipping information and engineering questions.


Medical Grade, ETFE Triple Insulated Teflon Cables


With our latest addition to our capabilities we now offer a unique product that offers reliability and ruggedness to the Medical cable industry.



  • Medical Grade Triple Wire/425 Vrms(600Vpk) can pass 4,700 A.C. Test Voltages

  • 600Vpeak Max for MOPP

  • 1410 Vpeak Max for MOOP

  • Many Color Options

  • ETFE Triple Insulation


LTE Antennas


We have added LTE to our antenna capabilities.


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